Friday, November 30, 2007


If there is one thing I've learned recently, it's that the three year old toddler mind is a complicated one. Chase will remember something from days ago and bring it up in random conversation with just one small thread tying it all together-much like a crazy person. I've made it somewhat of a game to find that thread and figure out just what it is so I can fully understand where Chase is coming from when he says the things he does.

So Chase and I were eating some leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner last weekend when he eyeballed my plate suspiciously.

Chase: Mommy, what's that? *points to my plate*
Me: It's cauliflower, honey.
Chase: *thinks to himself for a minute*
Chase: (Did) it answer? Daddy didn't answer his phone.

Now to the outside world, his response to my answer would make no sense. But to ME, it makes perfect sense. A week ago we tried calling Chuck on our way home from work/school. He didn't answer his phone. It was a quick moment in our life but something that obviously bothered Chase since he decided to bring it up again. However, what was the thread that brought that memory back to him? The thread was the cauliflower. You and I would have heard my answer to be "cauliflower". But Chase heard "call-a-flower". So he simply wanted to know if it answered when I called it. And for the record, no, it did not.