Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Chuck and I recently stayed at The Elms Resort for a mini anniversary celebration. We did the spa thing, did dinner and had an overall good time...except for the haunting.

I was so exhausted that evening that when I fell asleep, I slept like a rock. The following weekend was when I found out that I was pregnant so I suppose that would have been the reason why. Anyway around 2:00 in the morning we began hearing some yelling. Loud yelling. Me being out of it, I only remember vaguely hearing the yelling but I never did wake up enough to remember what was being said. Chuck, however, remembers it vividly. Apparently, a man and a woman were yelling in a panic, "Everyone get out! Everyone get out!" The thing is, we heard nothing after that. Not a peep. So Chuck immediately assumed that we were being haunted and nothing was getting him out of bed. Approximately 30 minutes later, the knocking began. A steady knocking on one of the doors in the hall went on for a while and then silence. Chuck was pretty freaked out at that point so he tossed and turned the rest of the night.

The next morning he was telling me all this and I quickly wrote it off as some rowdy neighbors. While I firmly believe the existence of ghosts is possible, I've never encountered it myself so it's never been an answer to anything for me. As we were checking out however, I asked the lady at the front desk if she had ever heard of the hotel being haunted. She told me that she had never experienced anything herself but then she handed me an 8x10 laminated picture. It was a picture of a woman who was obviously in one of the guest rooms. It looked like a very ordinary picture. She was smiling at the camera and I just didn't see anything abnormal whatsoever until the television caught my eye. I wish I had a good way to describe this because just the sight of it sent chills up my spine. The television was obviously turned off but there was a definite image of a ghostly face on it. A ghostly screaming face. On the television. In the guest room. Ooooo, it still gives me the chills thinking of it.

So of course the first thing I did when I got home was googled The Elms and ghosts. It returned some very interesting results. The Elms website itself has this to say:

Over the years, the Elms has been said to be host to several spirits. The origin of these ghosts have been the source of many a 'spirited' discussion. While the hotel had seen two devastating fires, no fatalities had occurred. Rumors have persisted that one of the spirits was involved in one of the fires. The lap pool area supposedly entertains the spirit of a gambler involved with illegal activities during the speakeasy days of Prohibition. The housekeeping staff has a spiritual adviser in the form of a ghost wearing a 1920's style uniform. One thing everyone seems to agree on is the friendliness of the spirits. These gracious ghosts may act as spiritual guides to the next adventures that await the grand hotel.

The website Legends of America had this to say:

However, the Elms, like many historic hotels, is also said to play host to a couple of unearthly guests. The lap pool in the basement is said to be haunted by a man traced back to the hotel’s “speakeasy” days. During prohibition, the gangsters used to store their liquor and hold their all-night gambling parties in these blocked off rooms. The spirit is said to be that of man killed by the mob during one of these illegal drinking events.

Reportedly, on the third floor the hotel, staff and guests alike, have often seen a maid wearing a 1920s style uniform. Seemingly, she is extremely benevolent and only there to watch today’s housekeeping staff to ensure that they are doing their work correctly.

Another spirit is said to be that of a woman who walks through the hotel looking for her child. Distressed, she has been known to pull people’s hair or throw things across the room.

Both guests and staff report the feeling of an unearthly presence in several areas throughout the old hotel, as well as unexplained noises and the occasional glimpse at one of the three spirits.

Oh and for future reference yes, we were on the third floor.

So the jury is still out on whether we were actually haunted or not but it was still enough to give me the chills...and keep me away from the third floor next time we go.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Chase!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where did he learn this?

People have been asking me how I've been feeling since I found out about the new baby on the way and really, I haven't been bad at all. I have been very tired at times over the past couple weeks but really, that's it. Lucky, I guess. Chuck and Chase have been so good about letting me crash out on the couch when I need to that I may be taking it a little for granted.

Yesterday Chase and I were at home and I just couldn't shake the drowsiness that morning. So I napped lightly on the couch while Chase played with his toys and watched a little TV. Around 11ish, Chase came over to me and told me that he was getting hungry and he wanted some peanut butter and jelly. I told him that was fine and if he woke me when Franklin was over, I would make him some lunch.

Twenty minutes passed and I heard the credits start to roll. Chase came over, pulled the blanket off of me and says, "Time to wake up, Mommy. I'm taking your blankie." Then he walked away with it!

I think sometimes he takes after his mother a little too much.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Numbered Paragraphs-My Favorite!

We've been pretty busy lately and I have quite a bit to talk about but I'll make this short and sweet. How about a few numbered paragraphs?

1. We're going to see Garth Brooks in a few weeks. Now, I'm not a country fan. At all. I know nothing of Garth's new music, nor do I have any desire (I'm sure he'll get us up to date at the concert). However the man is a cultural icon and I don't want to miss it. Plus I hear he puts on a good show...or at least he did 10 years ago. Plus! It's at the new Sprint Center here in Kansas City and that's reason enough to go right there. I'll try not to break anything.

2. We went to the zoo last weekend and had lots of fun. I rode a camel, Chase got a tattoo, it was good times.

3. We bought a new car that's growing on me. It's a 2005 Escape (essskahpay). I like it and it saves us money. Bonus.

4. Chase's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching. We're having two parties. Yes, I'm nuts, thank you. It's just that with such a big family...*sigh*...there's no excuse. Moving on.

5. Watched a great movie recently, The Prestige. Highly recommend!

6. Oh! And I'm pregnant! Yes, 4 weeks along and feeling fine. This was definitely a shock for us but that's OK. We're all very excited. June 10th is my due date as of now but I see the doctor next week. Chase has been taking it very well and seems to almost be getting it. We had a nice conversation about it and he seemed to understand. A little while after our conversation, however, he comes up to me and this is what transpired:
Chase: "Mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?"
Me: "Yes, that's right." *beaming that he caught on so quickly*
Chase: "So yummy! So yummy!"***
Me: "Hmmmm, maybe we need to review."
So yeah, he thinks I ate the baby apparently. We'll work on it a bit more.

That about wraps things up, other than the fact that we got haunted at The Elms Resort a few weeks ago. I think I'll save that story for Halloween though. OOOOOOOOOOOO! I bet you can't wait!

***If this makes no sense, please review the little green monster video in my previous post.