Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Never Even Call Me By My Name

Chuck and my brother in law, Gary, cleaned out our basement this weekend to get rid of a bunch of junk that we've been hoarding for way too long now. They did a great job and I cannot even believe how much crap they were able to actually get rid of. It was an unsupervised job so really I have no idea exactly what they threw out, which does make me a bit nervous. I'm really trying not to dwell on it.

While they were down in the basement, they came across my old love letters from past boyfriends. Oh my. There was some funny stuff in there. When your sixth grade boyfriend professes his undying love to you, now that's just classic. Part of me is praying none of those boyfriends kept any of MY letters. I can only imagine.

However, Chuck and Gary decided to read a few of those without my knowledge, which is fine, but I always like to be able to defend myself in these type of situations. Chuck was concerned about a couple though and even brought one upstairs. As soon as I saw what it was, I quickly yanked it away from him. As I sat down to read it myself, Chuck seemed a little bothered and he mentioned that he needed to talk to me about that particular letter. And not in a good way.

I started reading it and groaned most of the way through it. It was from a boyfriend, Randy, that I had in middle school and it was particularly gooey. All about how much he looooved me and how I had made him a better person, yada, yada. We all know what was really on this boy's mind. As I'm reading it though, I wasn't getting what the issue was. I mean, yeah, it's another guy but Chuck's not really the type to be too concerned with some random boy from middle school. Then I got to end of the page. Randy signed it as "Brandy", which was my nickname for him. Chuck didn't know that. Chuck thought "Brandy" was a girl!! Chuck thought I was a middle school lesbian!

I laughed at him for quite a while but he was seriously concerned (and not in a good way, like I would have thought) that there was a part of my life that I had not ever told him about. Of course while he was looking through that old box of letters, he came across some letters from a boy named Aaron, except he spells his name "E-h-r-e-n". So that didn't help matters.

The one bright spot of the day was Gary, though. He promised me that if I had been a lesbian in middle school that he wouldn't judge me. I can always count on him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It just isn't St. Patrick's Day without a good fight.

St. Patrick's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's a pretty big deal here in KC, for those who don't know. There's a huge parade through downtown and always a big celebration in Westport (an area downtown that has a bunch of different bars all within a few steps of each other) afterwards. It's been a big tradition for my friends and I to skip work that day and spend the day having a fabulous time.

The past couple of years, however, I just haven't been feeling it. The parade has gotten dangerous with riots and gang fights and I dunno, I guess I'm old and just don't want to take those kind of risks anymore.

But this year was different! My friends and I did skip the parade but decided to all meet up in Westport a bit later in the afternoon. Because we wanted to avoid the physical violence. Funny.

The meeting spot was supposed to be at The Cactus Cafe around 4ish. A small group of us met up outside the bar and waited in line for 30 minutes or so to meet up with the people who were already inside. We finally made it to the front of the line and as we were paying, a huge fight broke out inside the bar. I was far enough inside to get the hell out of the way but as the bouncers were kicking out about 15 different people, some of MY people got pushed around and scraped up a bit. It was minor but not the best first impression of the bar you are about to hang out in.

So we finally met up with the rest of our people and one of the girls phone rang. Well, come to find out, one of our friends was in the middle of that huge fight. Her husband had just been arrested and she was leaving with another friend of ours to go bail him out. This is NOT the way I like to start my day of partying, ok?

After all that drama, we headed to a different bar to change the atmosphere a bit. We ended up at the Beaumont Club and had a really good time until the very end. After quite a bit of drinking, one of our guy friends got into a huge fight with his brother's wife-it included some slapping. I didn't SEE this one happen but when I got back to where our group was, there was drama. His brother's wife had already left but it was still a bad situation.

IN BETWEEN those two dramatic events, we did really have a good time. I saw some people that I don't get to see very often, drank some beer that I don't get to drink very often and slept in that next day like I don't get to do very often. So overall, I'd give this year 4 stars. But NEXT year, we are making tshirts!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Vegas in Review

It was brought to my attention this past weekend that I promised Vegas pictures here and did not deliver. Don't worry, I'm very disappointed in myself too. Without any further delay-VEGAS IN REVIEW! (Ok so, I admit, I don't have many. I don't think I took my camera out of my bag the entire time so I had to rely on friends. And they didn't take many either. And a lot of these? Yeah, they could have been taken anywhere. So basically, all you are getting are a few pictures of me and my friends. You are disappointed again, aren't you? *sigh* Well, I did go to San Antonio a few weeks ago and I got a picture that PROVES I was there. Maybe I'll post that one soon.)

Ok, this one was taken on the strip. How can you tell? Well by the big neon video sign behind us, of course! I could have sworn the Eiffel Tower at Paris was in the background of this picture but I guess not. Let's just say one of the highlights of this trip was being introduced to Mr. Vodka Tonic. I love him and he did show me a fabulous time. Even IF some of it is blurry... and missing an Eiffel Tower.

This one was taken in front of our hotel as we were headed to Studio 54 the first night. We look so sober. Awww. From left to right: Dru, Kristin, Julie, me and Jen.

Ok THIS one was taken AT Studio 54 - after we had been there for a while. Jennifer was in the process of spilling her cold drink down Julie's back. Julie screams as Jen says, "Ohhhh nooooooo!" I am obviously unfazed by the drama that is taking place around me. I think this is my favorite picture.

This one was also from Studio 54 and makes me laugh as well. Doesn't Julie's head look a little disembodied?

This next one is from Rain. It was a little smokey there, in case you hadn't noticed.

Finally, the picture you've all been waiting for. Those who have asked me time and time again, "Just what do your toes look like?" Well, here's the answer to your question. Now if you can just pick me out...

So, like I said previously, we had a fabulous time. I mean, really, Vodka Tonics and disembodied heads. What more can a girl ask for? Other than to have an Eiffel Tower show up now and then...