Saturday, February 25, 2006

Careful! Those roses look a little frisky.

Me: "Hey, while you are standing there, will you throw away those dead roses?"
Chuck: "Yeah. Are they horny?"
Me: *thinking, Well, I don't THINK so. They look a little limp to me.*
Me: (laughing) "You mean, THORNY?"
Chuck: "Um, yeah."
Me: "Yeah, I think they are."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Katrina and Amanda this post is for you.

*Someone* told me this morning that you have been teaching my son a certain curse word. You have been repeating the same word over and over again so he will learn it and repeat it. For the past week, my sweet innocent angel has been walking around our home mumbling what I thought was his version of "shoe". It was so cute and I was so proud of him for learning a new word. I now know the actual word that he has been mumbling is NOT "shoe". Let's just say, you should avoid me at all costs for the next week. I have something for you and it ain't pretty.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Kevin Spacey, The Mouse, Adorable Kids, and my behind.

I, as usual, have lots of big plans for the next year. Most of those plans involve traveling which I really, really enjoy. I have 4 trips planned as of right now and I will now ramble about them for the next four paragraphs.

The first trip is to Georgia to visit my great aunt who is 90! And still drives! I'll tell you what, if I am as mentally capable and physically able as she is when I am 90, I'll be happy. Well, I'll be shocked... but happy shocked. (I'm pretty firm in the belief that my death will involve snakes and a minivan but that's a story for another time.) So my sister, my mother, and I will be going at the end of April. We'll be visiting my aunt in the small town where she lives and then all going up to Savannah to spend some time there. I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing but all I know is that a Haunted Ghost Tour will most definitely be involved. And I will be sure to speak slowly and with a long draaaaawl the entire time I am there. I will also be on the search for this man.

The second trip is still in the works as well but a friend of mine is getting married and asked me to be in her wedding! Yahoo! I'm really excited about this trip too. Chuck will be joining me and it's in one of my favorite places, the magical city of Orlando. Go ahead, roll your eyes, but there is something about that place that I just adore and will make me return there as often as I possibly can. Yes, I will be wearing my mouse ears. What? You don't think I truly own them? You don't think Chuck owns them? You think we are way too cool of a couple to own mouse ears? You would be wrong.

My third trip will be to Texas to visit my stepbrother, my sister in law, and their adorable sons, Adin and Benjamin. Proof of their adorableness..

I can't wait to see them since we so rarely get to. This trip will be with Chase and my stepmother, Debbie. I'm really hoping this one works out since it sounds like so much fun!

And then...the grandaddy of them all..we'll be going to Cancun for my 21st (30th) birthday next year in February!! I'm trying to organize as many people as possible to go with us. So far, we have a great group including my friends and family and I couldn't be any more excited! It will make turning 21 (30)less painful. This is me on the beach next year. Would you kindly stop staring at my shapely body? Thanks.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The view from my desk chair.

Well, ok, "the view" zoomed in a little. They aren't actually an inch from my face. Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

My favorite part of the day.

The captive waits patiently for his rescuer. Every day around 5:30, she arrives to take him from his evil captors that make him play with toys, watch children's shows, drink from a sippy cup, and use the bathroom in his own pants. His rescuer whisks him away to his home where he plays with toys, watches children's shows, drinks from a sippy cup, and uses the bathroom in his own pants.

Monday, February 06, 2006

A new Jack! A new Jack!

Yes, it's true! After months of watching the same episodes over and over and over and over and over again, we finally get a new Jack's Big Music Show today. We've been watching a lot of Jack recently, I'm ashamed to admit. Yes, it's a great show but it's probably not good for any of us at home to be watching it 3 times a day. It's become part of our bedtime/naptime routine and it works so well. Chase and I curl up on the couch with a sippy cup and blankie in hand, watch Jack, and then he's ready for bedtime. If we fail on any of those requirements, he's a very unhappy camper when left in his crib. I'm assuming that he feels gipped.

So needless to say, I've become very well acquainted with each and every episode and it's left me to wonder a few things.

1. I really wonder what the set looks like in real life. I'm assuming that the puppeteers have their hands up the butt of each character so I'm wondering if the set is built fairly high off the ground, so the puppeteers don't have to squat down.

2. I also wonder how they move Jack's arms at certain points. Obviously I can see the black stick coming down from his arms in certain scenes but there are some scenes that he doesn't have the black stick but his arm still moves. For example, when he is playing the guitar, his right arm moves up and down the arm of the guitar but no black stick. So, how the heck is that happening?

3. How many puppeteers work the Schwartzman Quartet? You would think that probably 2 people do it. However the lead singer always moves independently from the back up guys. So I guess one of those puppeteers is pretty talented and can move the lead singer along with the backup guy that is coordinated with the rest of the backup guys? I would think that would be pretty difficult.

4. Originally I believed that the voices of the puppets and the movement of the puppets were done at separate times. The more I think about it however, I'm guessing that the puppeteers are the ones doing the voices at the same time as the movements. So, do the puppeteers have to memorize their lines or do they get to read off of a cue card?

5. And finally, just what the hell ARE Jack and Mary? And how did they get such a cool clubhouse? And do they realize that they are musical prodigies? And how did Jack teach Mel to play the drums?

*sigh* Maybe Chase and I will figure all this out one day. Until then, "You're always welcome on Jack's Big Music Show!"

Thursday, February 02, 2006