Monday, September 25, 2006

Living the Rock Star Life....Assuming the Rock Star is 90 years old.

Ew. Two weeks without a post? Let's see, what exciting things have been going on with me? Hmmm. Yeah, nothing. But it seems that I've been so busy. I guess just busy with non-blogable things. So, you are stuck with a boring post. I could tell you about how I made a complete fool of myself in the parking lot this morning or how I made a complete fool of myself in front of the speaker that was giving a coding seminar last week. But, maybe another day. However, I'm only working two days this week and then Chuck, Chase and I are off to Omaha to go to the zoo. So when we return, I'll have much more to say. That is of course, unless I make a fool of myself in front of the giraffes.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Prisoner vs. The Pink Blob

The prisoner, sensing his chance, leaps into his Limited Edition Sky King and desperately tries to make his getaway!

But alas, a pink beast emerges from the fog to bring this fugitive back to his captors. Her grasp of the back of his neck is just too powerful.

"Stand back, evil ogre!" shouts the prisoner. "I will force this comb upon your nappy hair if you do not get back!"

Sadly though, the prisoner was no match for the Pink Blob. He finds himself back behind bars later that day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Word to the Wise...

If one day you decide that you are really out of the loop and should really be watching the TV show "24" and you put it in your Netflix queue, when you receive it, DO NOT watch episode after episode and then immediately go to bed. All night you will dream of being trapped in your ex boyfriend's home, while knowing that HE IS ACTUALLY THE ONE TRYING TO BLOW UP L.A. AND MY GOD I MUST TELL JACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! L.A. IS GOING TO BE BOMBED, PEOPLE! WHY CAN I NOT FIND THE RIGHT KEY TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE?? (Why I need a key to get OUT of the house, I'm not sure. Last time I checked, you only needed a key to get IN, but whatever.) So, keep that in mind next time you want to have a "24" marathon before bed. Saving the world is very stressful.