Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now THAT kid has some timing!

Today was the big day. Chase started preschool. *sigh* I'm not going to go into the fact that he ALSO had to start big boy underwear today because his school doesn't allow pullups but really I'm ok with that because we weren't getting anywhere with them anyway but I did have to bring 50 pairs of underwear and shorts because the kid will just NOT tell us when he needs to use the dang potty even though I KNOW he's a genius and that he's just being stubborn. But like I said, I'm not going there.

Instead, let me tell you how our morning drop off went. Wait. FIRST let me tell you how I EXPECTED it to go.

I take Chase to his classroom and he throws a crying fit, grabs my legs, pees his pants, refuses to let go and I have to peel him off me to make a mad dash to my car. There I sit sobbing in the parking lot for an hour while I can see him at the window still crying and wanting me to take him home. I finally make it to work where I have to leave early because I just can't take the pain. I rush to pick him up, find him still bawling uncontrollably and we decide we will just have to homeschool. A little dramatic? Hell, no.

I took Chase to his classroom and he immediately takes off for the toys. He was very excited to see the other kids and smiled at his new teacher, Miss Leah. I dropped off his belongings and asked him if he was going to be a good boy for Miss Leah. He replies "Yes" and continues moving some beans that Miss Leah had set out for them to work with later in the morning from one bowl to another. I told him to give me a bye-bye hug and kiss and that I had to go to work. I thought to myself, "Ok, this is where it all starts." He hugged me, kissed me and went right back to the beans. At that point I found MYSELF getting a little teary. I was appalled at myself and quickly stood up to shake it off. Miss Leah must have noticed because she said to me so sweetly, "He'll be just fine, don't cry." I gulped, told her thank you and walked out of the classroom.

As I was walking up the stairs to leave a little boy stopped me and asked me who's mommy I was. I told him and then he said to me, "You look very beautiful today." It was so sweet, so genuine and so thoughtful that it caught me completely off guard. I almost didn't notice my heart breaking. It was just what I needed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ode to the Bird Whisperer

Last night we had a bit of drama in our front yard. Chase and I went outside to water the flowers and as I was happily spraying down my impatiens, Chase says, "Oh, Mama" and points. There was a tiny little baby bird just sitting there.

We got a good long look at him and then since I had no idea what to do with a baby bird, I told Chase not to touch him and I went back to watering. A few minutes go by and Chase says, "Oh, Mama, more birdies!" Sure enough, a whole nest of baby robins are in my front yard. Two were dead, sadly, but two had survived their fall from the tree. It had been a very windy day and the whole nest had just dumped these poor babies completely out of their warm little home.

By this time, I was full of guilt. I had to do something before a neighborhood cat came along and snatched up the other two. While I was standing there deciding what to do (and cursing Chuck for being at softball at the time), I saw a robin a few feet away from us with a worm in it's mouth. I thought that it might be the mommy robin so Chase and I went and sat on the porch. Sure enough, Big Mama came over and fed one of the babies. I felt like such a part of nature, right that second. Wild Kingdom in my front yard! Yeah, I don't bond with nature very often.

After leaving a nasty voice mail for Chuck, cursing him for not being home to do his manly duties, I do what any woman in my situation would do. I called my sister and had her make her husband come over to take care of it.

Within 30 minutes, Gary the Bird Whisperer had arrived. He knocked the upside down nest out of the tree and put the babies back in it.

Then he put them in a more secure part of the tree.

Meanwhile Big Mama watched from the neighbor's yard.

I took a peek at them this morning. They immediately chirped "Hello" at me. I even got another glance at Big Mama, who's still hanging around. I think we are all going to be just fine.