Friday, December 15, 2006

My Current Favorite Websites (that I haven't plugged here before)

Just so you know, I'm really anxious to do a Christmas present post but the problem is, a lot of people that I'm buying for, read this blog. I'm getting people some really cool things this year that I'm excited to tell about. So *sigh* I guess I'll just have to wait. So anyway, today we have 3 website reviews but these are cool too.

#1- Woot This is a shopping website that carries 1 product each day. "How boring" you say? Not at all. This one product is usually something pretty cool and it is HELLA CHEAP! I've only made one purchase from this website so far but it's a Christmas present for someone else. So I can't tell you about it. BUT let's just say they sell the same thing at Target for $300 and I got it for $150. I want one for myself so badly but that just isn't the Christmas way now is it? The one tip that I have about this website however is, don't read the comments. I'm not sure what kind of person comments on the Woot website but they are angry and never like the product for sale. Some of them are kind of strange too.

#2 Mamapop This one is a blog run by two ladies that are extremely funny. It's kind of a pop culture current events type blog and is oh so funny. It usually features YouTube videos that either a) make me laugh or b)cry like a baby. You must check this out.

#3 The Warholizer You can upload a picture and it turns it into your very own Warhol and a really cool addition to your MySpace...if you are into that kind of thing that is. Which I am.

Ok, so that's it. That's what I've been doing for the past month or so. Hope you find them as interesting as I do.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Top 10!

Ok, ok, you can all stop with the emails already! Fine! I get it! You are desperate to know my top 10 favorite shows on television at this moment. Ok. Stop with the hounding. I got the message.

#10 My Name is Earl- I really liked this show in the beginning. It was funny and new and cracked me up. This season however, I dunno. It's lost it's shine for me. We still watch it but, well, that's why it's at the bottom of the list.

#9 Medium- I like this show despite the fact that it's pretty much the same week after week. Somehow it's still good. That takes talent...or maybe it just feeds my dark side.

#8 Aqua Teen Hungerforce- Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a nerd. A big nerd who watches a basically obscure cartoon about some fast food on Cartoon Network. Go ahead make fun all you want but trust me, if you watch it, you will laugh too. I love me some Master Shake and that's all I'm going to say about that.

#7 Wheel of Fortune- Ok, I know you all are about to stop reading this post right now but trust me, it gets more respectable. I just couldn't live with myself for not adding a show that we watch every night. Pat Sajak is snarky in his heart. And that's why I love him. Especially when he bitch slaps the contestants for yelling their letters. I love it.

#6 Saturday Night Live- Even though I'm still in mourning over losing Tina Fey, the other cast members are still great and the show still continues to be one of the best.

Oooooh, we're down to the top 5. The suspense!

#5 ER- I lost track of ER for quite a few years but came back to it around 3 years or so ago. Maybe it got good again, maybe I had just forgotten but it's such a good show. Blood and guts, funny, sexy, occasionally heart warming, this show has a good mix.

#4 Desperate Housewives- Eh, ok, what can I say that hasn't been said by a million others. It's a great show, we're hooked, nuff said.

#3 Studio 60- Now this is a show near and dear to my heart currently. I have to say that I was a West Wing fan formerly so I was already predisposed to the quick paced and witty rhythm of this show. But the characters? Adorable and hilarious. It's the dry humor that I love and I'm praying this show stays on the air. From what I hear, it's struggling and that really breaks my heart so now I will do my duty. WATCH STUDIO 60 FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! If you are already watching this show and saw it this week, don't you just love the new plotline with Danny and Jordan??? I love where this is going and my heart may have melted just a little while watching.

#2 Grey's Anatomy- Yes, I know, another shocker but what can I say? It's well written and well cast and well, just great all around.

#1 The Office- Oh my, I love this show. It is so funny that it's almost too much to handle sometimes. We do not miss an episode. Ever. And the episode where Jim sends Dwight a fax on Dwight's own letterhead to convince Dwight that it's a fax his future self is sending him? I may have mentioned to Chuck that in another life, I would have married Jim. Pam? Get it together girl. Oh right, I forgot to add that Pam is one of my Myspace friends and I regularly read her blog. Ok, so now you can no longer doubt my loyalty. Dinkin' Flicka.

So, that's it, my top 10. I hope everyone is satisfied. But wait! Of course you can have a bonus..

Bonus: 24 The only reason it is not in the top 10 is because it's not back with it's new season yet. Otherwise, you know where it would be.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm only allowing myself one "poor me" entry a year so today is your lucky day.

Well, let's see, where to begin. I think this all began with winter deciding to make it's appearance here last week. Yes, I definitely think I will blame this all on winter. First came the ice, then came the snow and then Chuck wrecked his truck...into his coworkers car. His parking lot at work was a solid sheet of ice and well, things happen. Everyone is fine but the vehicles are not. They are both requiring repair but his coworker is being awesome about it. We owe him a beer... or three.

Then Chase got the flu. Oh my. That was not fun. Puking and diarrhea are not welcome guests in my home. Especially out of the one member of our family who isn't yet aware of the toilet but who is capable of eating Taco Bell. Ok, yes, I admit, giving him Taco Bell was my idea. Sometimes I'm just dumb, alright? But I seriously thought the puking was over. Still though, in retrospect, very dumb. By the next day he was better but by that night, yours truly was sleeping in her least favorite room in her house. The room that you know its bad news if you have a pillow and blanket in it. I've been miserable. I'll spare you the details but let's just say that 36 hours and two missed days of work later I'm beginning to think I'll survive. These moments in my life are when I'm so glad that I'm married to a great guy. He's been taking care of EVERYTHING so I can just lay (lie?) around and complain about how I hurt. Yeah, his life hasn't been so easy lately. So that just leaves him left to get this nasty bug and so far so good. *knocks on desk that I'm not completely sure is made of real wood* *thinks about it* *knocks on chair that I know for sure is made of real wood* I really don't want him to get this, folks. I'm not sure how he's dodged this bullet so far but whatever he's doing is working. The good news to all of this is that I've lost 9 pounds-yahoo! Now all I have to do is keep up this diet of nothing and I'm golden. I'll be in those pre-wedding jeans by next week! Yeah, I don't have high hopes either. Alright, I'm out. Thank you to everyone that's been calling to check up on me. Even though it's just the flu, it means a lot. Sap over, I'm out.